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Style on & do everything that makes your heart smile!


My Portfolio

Two years ago I realized that styling is more than a hobby; it can be a career made with passion and hard work. So I started to learn more about it, to increase my knowledge, to be involved into projects and to create my own portofolio.


First, I started my portfolio through a test shooting, an exchange between a stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, model and photographer. We trade services between each other, in order to produce a photo shoot that each member of the team can use in their “book”.

After my first shooting, I was more enthusiastic about it and I wanted to have other projects.

So I experienced new ideas of styling, did new photo shootings,  fashion editorials for online and print magazines as Jute Magazine, MOOB, Whisper Magazine,, SkyLady, styling for “Zu Trends “ broadcast and so on.

I built my portfolio through hard work, but with passion and with open heart.

Remember : Style on & do everything that makes your heart smile!